Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Nostalgia

My parents "decked the halls" to the extreme when my brothers and I were kids. They still do, but not to the extent they did when we were younger and all living under one roof. They have since passed on favorite items to each of us as the years have gone buy. These are two of my favorites that I now proudly display in my own home. I love unpacking them each year and thinking of all the memories I associate with each.

Remember the Fisher Price Little People from when you were a kid? They don't even make them like this anymore! When my brothers and I outgrew them, my dad decided to refurbish them! They've all got their choir robes on and some of their faces have been retouched. Grover proudly conducts them each year for the month of December.

Another project of my dad's...the Christmas Manger. He made the barn from popsicle sticks. All the figurines are handpainted. It's hard to tell in this picture, but the barn is even wired with electricity! We had this tradition growing up that involved the Three Wise Men traveling through our house during Advent to get to the manger. They would walk above the sills on all the doors in the house. Each night my Dad would move them a little further along on their journey. It's something I'll remember forever...

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Liss said...

I love the choir...the nativity trek is a great story. What a great idea!!