Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beach In A Bottle

I'm a person who tends to over think things, so I'm usually not one to impulse buy. It happened though, last fall, while shopping with my oldest niece. Teenagers pretty much operate on impulse from day to day, so I fell victim to her influence! I was chasing her around Nordstrom's as she sniffed every bottle of perfume available when she suddenly shrieked, "You HAVE to have this!! It's you! Your name is all over it, you ARE buying it!" In her hands was this...
Now clearly my name is NOT on it, but I took a sniff anyway. Sweet moses, it literally smelled like the beach in a bottle....and yes, that IS me! I suddenly lost all control and found myself taking out my credit card without even assessing. Before I knew it, we were walking out of the store with a bag that contained a bottle of highly priced liquid Coppertone! But on this blustery day in February, I have no regrets. I can open that bottle and immediately I'm thinking of warm sunshine, the sea breezes and yes... the sand beneath my toes!

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Liss said...

hmmm....I think I need to go smell this!!