Sunday, March 2, 2008


Yes, it may have snowed two nights ago and there are still piles of it out there on the ground. But alas, I have signs of spring in my basement!
This is a hydrangea plan my parents bought me the first summer I had my condo. I've never planted it in the ground due to too many deer, rabbits and chipmunks that could wreak havoc with it. Instead it lives on my deck from about May until the end of October. Once the leaves drop, I lug it to the basement and leave it by the sliding doors. I throw some water at it a few times over the winter and pretty much just let it be. Usually by mid-February it starts to go crazy with new green shoots and by the end of this month it will have flowers starting! Spring is on its way...

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Lissfull said...

oooh, How exciting. I planted some last fall and I hope they come back this year. I tend to have verrrrry bad luck with plants.