Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Member Of The Geek Squad

It is safe to say that electronics and I just do not get along. I won't admit to the length of time or how many trips to Radio Shack it took to get my DVR working properly....I'm telling you, anything involving electronics usually ends with me completely pissed off, beat red, swearing like a truck driver and most likely crying. But today, there was success!
The blessed iPod broke a little over three weeks ago. Mind you, it was just before I had to spend close to 20 hours on a train. Oh joy! I got the replacement iPod last Thursday and have been since dreading the next step - getting all my music from the old iPod onto the new one. The box has been sitting on my desk for 6 days just staring at me. Today I took a deep breath, a few sips of Jose Cuervo, and dove in. Sweet mother of pearl, the little machine did everything all by itself in less than three minutes!!!!!!!!! Why can't everything be this easy???

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