Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Perfect Day

If I could bottle up the perfect day, I'd squeeze yesterday in. It began early in the morning at the beach on the most perfect weather day of the week. The water was crystal clear and waves were great for bodysurfing. Friends stopped by for a swim, others stayed longer and some of us even closed the place down! There were walks, long swims, delicious treats, naps, seaside discoveries and lots of reading. Throw in some great conversations that resulted in hoots of laughter and even some tears, but it was all good stuff! It lead to an impromtu dinner party back at a beach house with some more good company, eats and cocktails. More bonding, chatting and laughter went on into the night. It wasn't until a little after midnight when the last three of us decided that we needed to put a cap on what we deemed the most perfect day of the summer so far. Love those 15 hour sun kissed beach days!

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